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MVQ Shop Essentials - want my money sent back to my account

by dorothy2013 2 days ago

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Company MVQ Shop Essentials


Location Turnersville, New Jersey

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Update added by user less than a minute ago

so now they say its my fault, that i had a 30 day trial~ and i didnt cancel it, so they sent me 35$ back out of 1950~ and pretty much deal with it... i still didnt get the advertisement to my email,that i requested ~or the renewel form i asked for, with my ok to take out 35 every month she said it was a pop up.i musta clicked on it.. and that was it im takeing all my accounts from my bank.. and im going to highlight it and show it to my lawyer, whom i explained this to, he said I WAS SCAMMED and going to look into it, and file a motion ~ the lady i spoke to was rude , gave me no info i asked for, because she didnt have any because it is a scam, so a pop up coast me 1950$ i told the lady about all the complaints on hear~she said she didnt care about the complaints, cause it wasn't my problem..then she proceeded to say ...people say Elvis is alive is that her problem to ~(rude) and guess what..that rude lady is the one who handles all the complaints ~so she must have a HUGE head with BIG eras ~cause it went in one ear threw that whole in her head ..where there should be a brain...right?? and it went out the other ear ... she didnt help me in anyway ~ Dorothy

Update added by user 2 days ago

Ok, so i complained ? to MVQSHOPESSENTIAL ~ I CANT BELIEVE for years they been taking 35.50 out of my account ~with out monthly statements, a "card" i never received ~ now what ~will i ever get my 1950$ dollors back.. contact better business , get a layer and fight this, i think its shady i never once received any information on this company, or i should say i never saved anything ~because i was never notified i had such a savings card~ i can go on forever im so pissed (scream)

Original review posted by user 2 days ago

i want proof i allowed you to take money from my account from 08, 1950$ i want proof of documentation that i said yes take 32.95 from my account, this is a scam, and it will not end hear ~ how did you get my account information, i called your so called company, not 1 person could anwser any questions, i have to wait till your company sends me mail... i have repeatedly been hit with over draws in my account, from your company without my knowledge,im contacting better business bueru~ i think your a scam im furious i feel violated and robbed 293a734

Monetary Loss: $1950.

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