Rip off company that exploits customers on other web sites. Today Shopping Essentials is offering a $15 gift card on Restaurants.com.

To receive the gift card, one completes the survey and then notices that completion of the survey guarantees membership into the exclusive club, which charges just $14.95 per month. Now how does one use the gift card? One does not receive the card; one receives a discount code that cannot be used at a Dale and Thomas Popcorn Store; it must be used at the website, where one must spend about $50, add shipping and handling fees, and then receive the $15 reduction. Which fools would fall for this?

Sneaky way to trap the illiterate. So Restaurants.com gave me the toll-free phone number to cancel my membership. Can't do that! The automated answering service at Shipping essentials demands details such as charge card number and phone number before connecting the caller to customer service.

Cancel membership on website? Can't do that. Automated answering requires your name, phone number, customer number, credit card number before connecting caller to customer service. Do we have to call in the State Police?

Obama? Something is amuck here.

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