I bought an item online from The Pyramid Collection Catalog and was unwittingly enrolled in a membership to Shopping Essentials + and charged $9.95 a month for several months before I became aware of the charges.

I called the company and was told that I willingly enrolled and they would be happy to cancel my membership. After some research, I realized the enrollment began when I ordered from The Pyramid Collection. It took some time to narrow it down, since this company has a multitude of catalogs that they are linked to.

Never again. What a shame...buyer beware. I emailed the catalog customer service and told them they are crooks.

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Oakland, California, United States #965922

Got my debit cards hacked after my order. 30 years the internet.

So sad. Back to writing checks.



Ephrata, Pennsylvania, United States #899363

I was being charged $14.95 for 3 months for being a VIP.. I only ever ordered 2 things, I never signed anything saying I wanted to be a VIP.

Thye only gave me back 1 month worth.. I am very mad.


I have been getting catalogs for a long time but they were SO expensive I never ordered. I saw a red/black reversible cape with hood, for Halloween from The Pyramid Collection Catalog.

I ordered this month around the 8th & I paid $120 for the cape & $26 for 2 day shipping. Well it didn't come. :? I used email to contact this company, no response to 3 emails I sent. I called & they said it was shipped on the 8th & here it is the 14th & it still wasn't here.

They insisted I got the package. I told them I went my apartment building's office & inquired & (They all know me well as I get LOTS of deliveries.) :( it didn't come & to get me the tracking number & I'll call Fed ex myself. The rep says "Oh we don't have that information, Fed ex has that." I'm like no way :x Fed ex always has tracking on their 2 day deliveries (They made me sign for packages before.) Now I was getting mad :( I told them I had ordered this item for Halloween & now I won't get it in time & that I would take this to my CC company. The rep refused to return my money or even ship out the package until "Fed ex tracks it down.

Annoyed, I hang up. 2 weeks later no info from Fed ex, no package so I called back. Again the rep was rude, telling me it had been delivered when it really hadn't. :( Now I was mad & I told them I wanted my package & then the rep offered to ship it again but with no tracking.

I said no way... I wanted a refund in that case. I got the total refund the following day. My Halloween will be very disappointing this year though.

Bad company - never again & BUYER BEWARE. Going to be watching my CC statement for a while as another said there was a surprise enrollement in a membership to Shopping Essentials.

Yipes! :cry :( :cry


don't do it :cry


:( DO NOT be fooled by this company's slick photography!!! They make the items look beautiful and substantial but when you get them, they are shoddy, poorly made, light-weight material that falls apart after one wash.

And ridiculously expensive.

They will not get any more of my hard-to-come-by money. :cry


I ordered the Faerie Tale Top back when it wasn't marked down. It was the prettiest shirt I had ever seen.

So I didn't care about how madly expensive it was. When I ordered I was supposed to receive a discount which was being advertised on their site, but that didn't happen. It didn't matter that much to me at the time; I just wanted my shirt. It took 2 months for the shirt to come and I have no idea why that was case.

I remember calling them after two weeks, then three weeks and each time I called I was on hold for a long time and then when they would see that I wouldn't hang up, they would come back on the line and they were very mean to me. They wouldn't let me get a word out. They never let me finish what I wanted to say and they would hang up on me. When I finally got the top, it was NOTHING like the top in the picture.

It was completely different material and print and poorly made. I'm a nice person and I cannot be rude to people, but I remember calling them to ask how to send it back and they were again very rude to me and I lost my temper. I told them they had no right to speak to me like I was worthless and that they had the worst customer service skills ever. The lady calmed down a bit after I yelled at her.

She told me every top would differ and that's just the way it was. I told her they should at least have a note next to the item stating that. Long story short, it took several weeks for me to finally get my money refunded. I'm sad to see that they still have that top (now marked down) and still no note about the shirt and how this company that treats its customers like ***, are still in business.

Please ignore the catalog they send you. The items are pretty, but they aren't like the pictures and are extremely expensive and you cannot get through to anyone because they don't care.


I just ordered from this company, and now I am scared out of my mind. I hope everything goes well for me, then I am never ordering again. :sigh :sigh


this is the worst catalog experience I've ever had to go through!! I shop a lot, and this is a 3rd rate company to deal with.

I ordered about 10 items on clearance over the phone back in November, never received the items. I had to go through the phone, because after spending a half hour online, the sale prices didn't go through. Now I get connected with a person who had no idea what the heck she was doing. Long story short, I am still getting very lame emails from this company about what to do with this order!


311 THEY SHOULD BE OUT OF BUSINESS. :cry :cry :cry :( :( :(


That is so true I got a catalog from Pyramid Collection, and I liked some staff tryed to place the order some idems were on sale, but they were charging me full price I had to cancel my order thanx for warnings.


Anyone else knows of a different site with similar items but better customer service?


I purchased two dresses, one I returned for an exchange, but it was backordered. Summer is over with so I canceled my back order.

Just last week I noticed a charge on my card for this dress that I canceled. They said they shipped it, now I have to wait for the dress that I didn't want anymore to get here, get them to pay for the return shipping to get my money back. I sent them emails, they ignored, I have called only to be hung up on. I am now disputing this charge with my bank.

I really don't think I will get this dress. I think they just want my money. The dress I did get a got a lot of compliments on, but it was very cheaply made. Not worth 50 dollars.

If you want to order from them send them a money order DO NOT give them a credit card or a debit card!!!! I didn't get scammed into another debit, but I when I send them a email to cancel a backorder, they should have canceled the backorder. It seems to me the Customer Service Department has no clue what they are doing or if they do they do not care. I will never order from this company again.

Signed a very pissed off customer who just wants her money back ASAP, plus I have asked for the 30 fee that my bank charged me when one of my bills came through and because of their charge of a dress that I canceled my bank returned my bill and paid this charge that I did not authorize. This is going on for two weeks now. I wish I could have seen this page before I bought from them, but from now on I will check out any on line company before I buy.



and before you sign up for shopping essentials you are asked to repeat your cc number...and all calls are recorded...so why would they risk it?...


haha this stuff is funny...and the warehouse isnt in chelmsford...lol


Based on what I read here and other places, I will NOT order from pyramid. Sounds like crappy customer service and scaming abounds


i love the pyramid collection. great stuff and always on time.

please send me another catalog.my address is 1429 SE 20th way troutdale, OR.

97060 thank you so much. I'D like to buy more stuff.


I ordered 10 items, and am sending back 8 of them. I was surprised at such shoddy quality for such expensive items. The two I am keeping are gorgeous, but not worth the hassle for having to return the rest.

Rock Spring, Georgia, United States #321006

I so wanted to order from this catalog, The Pyramid Collection,I had at least 10 things picked out to buy :cry , but I would not put up with someone taking money from a credit card, without my knowledge and be forced to call my brother, an attorney, and sue. Thanks for the warning.


I received a catalog from Pyramid and had intended to order from them, but after reading these reviews decided to toss the catalog and save my money! Thank you for the warnings!



I ordered several items of the course of a few weeks. They all arrived in good condition, though it did take three weeks.

I payed 250$ for all my items plus shipping.

Then I payed another 10$ a month for six months to Shopping Essentials, which I was signed up for without my permission! What a scam!

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