I also don't understand how they got my credit card number. I certainly never authorized any such charges to my account and will be researching when the charges first appeared so that I can contact any websites I ordered from in the month prior to the first appearance on my card. $1.00 charges have been appearing on my account for several months. It's a small amount but compound that by how many other people they are scamming. This is just outrageous! I went to the website to complain, but got an error page from the server.

This is a complete scam!!!!

Their web site states they are a Connecticut company, so I am also writing to the CT Secretary of State.


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My story is the same as yours.My husband nor I was familiar with recurring charges from MVQ, so reported fraud to credit card company (July 2012).

In researching MVQ by calling and visiting website, it is evident that MVQ charges people for a service that they did not want because cancelling service is the first thing on the outgoing message, and is the first thing asked by the customer service person, and is easily found on the website. How MVQ charges people for unwanted service is unethical. Goal is to prove that it is illegal.

The MVQ person sounded calm on the phone as if she is not quilty of the deceit.Charges to my credit card totaled $900+ in which the MVQ person said originated in Sept 2009 through restaurant.com and with no activity by me from then to now.


I found MVQ charge on my account.They took money out of my derbit card since 2007 !!!!

I did was confused by the charge was the gasoline bill that my husband purchased. Today, i went to my bank and could not believe what has been happened. This MVQ has to facing justice ! I will not give up !!!

I would like people know my situation to be alert for yourself.:


Just got my account cancelled after seeing 26 dollars being taken off each month! Oh but wait, I couldn't get my money refunded of course...anyone can help with that?


charged $756.00 since 11/2009 from MVQW shopping essentials from a purchase I made at restaurant.com.My husband does our bookkeeping and last night he finally asked me what i purchase every month for $27.95 from shopping essentials!

i told him nothing andI never heard of them before. I called them, and they supposedly cancelled my membership that I knew nothing about,but I also demanded full restitution since 11/2009. Carlos, the supervisor had to write an email to ? whomever, and i will get a response in 3 to 5 days.

I told him I will not let this drop. I filed a complaint with my attorney general and Federal Trade Commission, and my husband is contacting Visa today.

I also contacted restaurant.com and they said they will get back to me in two days.It was thru restaurant.com that they got my account number.

to Rita in Emmaus Dallas, Texas, United States #651322

hi rita, i just got off the phone with them and at the same point you were in your post. what ended up happening? did you get your full refund?

to Rita in Emmaus Stephens City, Virginia, United States #686125

Same thing happened to me. What end result?



Gained access to my credit card number somehow and billed it for $19.95. I have never done business with the company. A few days prior I had a $1.00 charge show up from WEBSHOTS, I don't do any business with them either!


i just got a charge from them for $16.95.I called my bank and told them I did not make this charge and reported it as fraud.

I never signed up for anything, nor do I share my credit card information very often on the internet.

Criminals like this make a lot of money ripping off a lot of people using small amounts that tend to go unnoticed.Horrible!


:( :( iwant your service removed from my checking account, or i will contacttheBBB for unauthorized withdrawal frommy account..


:( :( iwant your service removed from my checking account, or i will contacttheBBB for unauthorized with drawl from my checking account.

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